Snack attack!

So what are celiacs to do when they get an acute case of the munchies?  A large number of chocolate bars, for instance, are off-limits because they contain wafers or biscuits, which means they contain gluten.  Many chip products are also suspect for the same reason.  Bar food and fast food is so often breaded or otherwise rendered inedible to celiacs that it borders on annoying.

So clearly the celiac’s snack selection is limited, but all is not lost.  If one keeps the old KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) rule in mind, chances are that celiacs can scrounge up several munchie options.  The fewer the ingredients, the better the chances that the snack is gluten-free.  Fritos corn chips, for example, contain corn, salt, and that’s about it.  In fact, the Frito-Lay company manufactures a large number of snack products that contain no gluten, and they’ve got a very helpful web page which lists them all.  Not to recommend Frito-Lay above others, but all snack manufacturers should have a web page like that.

Should the snack attack only be sated by chocolate, remember to avoid the wafer types.  Given the phrase “gluten-free chocolate”, any search engine will provide a multitude of hits, for example this one from Cadbury.  Although it’s specifically written for the Australian market there are undoubtedly many similar or identical products worldwide.  Plus, it’s a really nice looking web page, so it’s well worth a look.

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